Prayer for a Discouraged Couple or Individual

Fill your name(s) in the blanks

Dear Heavenly Father,

You see all things and know all hearts. Now I lift your servants, ______ and ________ up to you. You know and understand the heartache and frustration they are dealing with.

Surround them with many angels to keep the forces of evil away. Let them feel your presence, Holy Spirit. Lead them into a fulfilling ministry. Left their spirits when they may become discouraged with other in your church here on earth. Give them the peace that only comes from you, Sweet Spirit.

To have that peace in the midst of the storms that are raging all around is truly a bit of heaven on earth. We know that while things here will get worse, you will share more and more of the calm and peace of heaven with each of your followers here on this small blue planet called Earth.

Pour out energy, regenerate ___________ and ___________ creative abilities as they faithfully serve you in whatever capacity you direct them. Give them plain indications of where they are being led. There is no time for mistakes now, dear Lord.

You have suffered so much for all of us, dear Jesus. You understand the sorrow __________and __________ feel with the losses they have suffered. Fill them with courage and strength now and each day to come. On days when they have no energy surround them with your tender arms to hold them up.

Thank you, Holy Trinity for the interest and concern you have for each child of yours here. We want you to look good in all that is done by your dear servants, _________ and ____________.

Thank you for the peace, comfort and safety of their body, mind and soul. Keep them safe and secure in our heavenly Father.