Your Kingdom Come

by Peggy Harris W.A.S.H. Board Chair

..."Our Father in heaven: May your holy name be honored; may your Kingdom come..."
Matthew 6:9 & 10 Good News Bible

I was driving through Tacoma Park, Maryland in the springtime and observed that spring is the time that this city really looks beautiful. All the dogwood trees and azaleas really make the town sparkle. This suburb of Washington DC began as a summer time get-a-way for District residents. Over the years the town has aged, sometimes not so gracefully. Parts of the city have been refurbished and redesigned to meet the needs of the community.

This observation started me thinking about us. We are here on this small blue planet called Earth. God has blessed Christians with the attractiveness of the Gospel of Jesus to share with everyone. We are near centers of influence in this world, whether it is a big city, or a rural community.

As we allow God to work in our lives, we become redesigned. Whether or not this change in us is only superficial or a deep seated allegiance to God's recreation in us will show through in our dealings with others. By this allegiance His holy name will be honored.

How do we look? Do others see a cosmetic cover up of the scars of life? Do they see a resemblance of Jesus shining through us that makes them want to know more about Him?

Many people are looking and searching for the Peace that comes from the Prince of Peace. Since we are the ambassadors of the King of Heaven, what kind of message do we speak to them?

Give pause now, on this Holy Day, this memorial day of Creation, this blessed time, to commune with the Owner of the Universe. We will find true beauty, restoration and healing for our souls. Then we can have something truly wonderful to share with the others we will meet during each week. Soon His Kingdom is coming here!!

May God shine on you with heaven's love, dear sister and brother, precious child of God.