What Goes Around Comes Around

by Peggy Harris W.A.S.H. Board Chair

Verse: You will reap exactly what you plant.. Galations 6:7

Some years ago when I started my insurance agency I occasionally would contact someone who already had insurance with the company I wrote with. It has never been a policy to take another agents business for my own. Unfortunately not every agent abides by these work ethics.

Years later a new agent proceeded to steal some of my policyholders. I found out about when they would call me to tell me that he had asked them to transfer their insurance to him and since he was just starting out they wanted to “help” him!

Several times since those days I’ve had some people request a transfer to me because they could not get in touch with that agent and were unhappy with the service. I have always discouraged people from changing agents and tell them that I’m not in the business of taking another agent’s livelihood away. Just recently I had a contact from someone who wanted me to write some insurance for them. When I found out they already had some insurance with the same company I told them they could also get the additional policy through that agent. They insisted that they did not want the same agent again. After completing the business I found out that that agent was the same one who stole some of my policyholders years ago. I again reiterated to the policyholder that I did not encourage or ask people to change their policies to me when the same company already insured them. This policyholder however, proceeded to be very urgent about wanting to make the change. His experience with the lack of service he was receiving made it necessary for him to seek a change.

Again I was reminded of the verse above.