by Peggy Harris W.A.S.H. Board Chair

“The greatest love you can show is to give your life for your friends.” John 15:13 God’s Word December 26, 2004 was a day most of the world will not forget. Words like Tsunami, Phuket Island, Sri Lanka and all the tragic pictures of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake center and other exotic places of Asia came rushing into our living rooms. All this after a peaceful Christmas, at least as peaceful as times can get in this troubled world.

Hearing the stories of heroism, the appalling loss of life, the total destruction of so many areas affected by this monumental tragedy, one thing repeated several times in the reports of survivors is: How the local people looked after their guests, the tourists, before looking to their own needs and properties. Hospitality in the midst of chaos and terrible suffering at the risk of life and limb for strangers let alone friends is an astonishing thing to behold. Caring for and helping people to get to safety before looking after one’s own needs is truly a gift of kindness beyond the usual treatment guests might receive anywhere.

Sounds to me like what God has done for us. He has prepared a way of escape from the terrible flood of sin we are in here on this small blue planet. He gave the ultimate – His life, so that we might have eternal life.

What an example for the world in both of these examples of John’s text! How can we be indifferent to those around us who are suffering with the trials and troubles of this world? How do we respond when we come face to face with an opportunity to reach out and touch someone else and share the possibility of life eternal with them?

God help us to help others!