Thinking Right

By Peggy Harris May 26, 2006

“Even before they finish praying to me I will answer their prayers.” Isaiah 65:24 Good News Bible. After taking care of business, Rhonda (not her real name) told me this personal experience. For years she had felt financial pressures and let her credit rating slip because she was afraid if she paid one bill there wouldn’t be enough money for other things. She found herself murmuring and complaining. Her siblings had all bought houses and told her she should too but Rhonda thought that would just be impossible. She was living with a poverty mind set.

She was reading in her Bible about the Children of Israel and suddenly saw that she was just like them in their complaining. Something had to change. So she prayed. God opened her eyes and she remembered that years before her father had set up a trust fund for her and one for her son. When she asked a friend who was a real estate agent if this could be converted to use for the down payment on a house she was told “This is done all the time!”

Finally the family found a house they could afford and there was money left for insurance, and even some new furniture. She remembered the verse above and realized that God had answered her late prayer long before she even thought to ask.

Have you found what it is that you should ask God for? He may have already answered your prayer and is just waiting for you to ask! With God nothing is impossible and He does want to give His children good things. Ask Him today to show you what it is He has prepared for you.