The Slow Second Hand

by Peggy Harris W.A.S.H. Board Chair

Hanging in our shower is a shower clock. On it is a ring to hold a towel or washcloth. This seems to be it’s only purpose. One day while taking a soothing soaking hot shower I noticed the second hand seemed to be stuck on “9”.

This clock has not kept time for many months due most likely to a running down battery. However one could note that at least once in twelve hours it is the exactly right time! This particular day I noticed that finally the second hand had moved off “9” and was struggling uphill towards “10”. It would jerk forward two seconds and fall back two seconds. While I watched it finally struggled past “10” and before I got out of the shower was struggling forward two seconds and falling back one or two trying to get to “11”.

This small blue planet has been out of time ever since that forbidden fruit eating in Eden. It has struggled along and we see it wearing down. On occasion it is right on track for God’s plans as evidenced by Jesus’ birth at His first coming as well as other events. Now we all know that there is a winding down and a very destructive force going on all around us while “time” keeps ticking onward to that momentous event of Jesus’ second coming.

What about our emotional clocks? Are we tuned in and ticking away keeping the time God has given to us to share His love before He arrives again? Or are we winding down and struggling just to try to keep up some kind of pace in this topsy-turvy world we live in? The only real way we can keep up is to be plugged into the source of all energy – God. With that power in our lives we can consistently tell the world what time it really is.