The Lover of My Soul

by Peggy Harris W.A.S.H. Board Chair

I was wandering hopeless and helpless in the desert of my life. It seems that I've been here forever in this desolate place. Devoid of green life, cool water, refreshing flowers covered with dew, I thought to myself, "death is preferable to this!" But I did not know how to end the pain, suffering and degradation that I felt. Into this desert came a Lover. A giver of life and so glorious a Savior, I saw Him riding up on a swift white horse. He drew closer and I saw in His hand a glistening bright sword. Following Him wherever He went were trails of green vines, colorful flowers, chattering birds and life-giving streams of refreshing cool water. He lifted me up out of the dusty hot sand onto His white charger. He cut the ties that bound me to this desert so hopelessly.

His spirit is so strong and flows from His every movement. He presses into my hand a pure white stone and softly says to me, "now you are mine." Now I belong to this God/Man and I have hope and life filling up my life. Now I can breath the sweet breath of Heaven streaming down all around me. Now I am covered with a silky gown of iridescent color. I feel safe and secure in His strong arms. I never want to leave this Lover of my soul, this Rescuer of mine!

In Him I am a whole, healed person. In Him I have life so full and free. How could I ever think of leaving this Love of mine! My life is made complete in His love for me. Now I am able to share His love with others lost in that desert of sin. Do you know this Lover of mine? Will you accept His love and allow Him to pick you up and restore your soul? He is there wooing you, waiting to pick you up and take you in His arms to a place of safety.

I no longer can remember the desert and pain I once was in. No longer can I remember the loneliness and sorrow. This Savior of my life has breather into me new life and filled me with joy!

What about you? Will you accept this wondrous Lover of your soul? He has chosen you too! He has surmounted all the obstacles of your life and offers you freedom, joy and real life. Surrender to this Love and you will never be empty again!

He will secure you in His heart and soothe your wounds with healing sweet oil. No more will evil secure you for now you are truly FREE! Give Him your heart to be made whole and new. He woos you with intensity of mind and spirit to be His bride. For He is our Beloved and we are His bride!

Inspired by one of our Pastor Don Driver's sermons.