Heaven's Light

by Peggy Harris W.A.S.H. Board Chair

“…Other nations will be covered by darkness, but on you the light of the Lord will shine; The brightness of his presence will be with you…” Isaiah 60:1 Good News Bible.

Heaven’s Light was delivered carefully wrapped in the small package of a baby one clear night so long ago to this small blue planet called Earth. In spite of coming as a winsome baby, this special Gift was not readily received by either the leaders of that day or the world in general. It was left to shepherds warming themselves by the campfire while they watched their flocks to bring greetings for this very special Gift from Heaven. And come they did from their fields, away to the manger in a smelly stable where they felt comfortable in entering. Here they glimpsed the centuries longed for Savior of the world who had arrived and was wrapped in simple cloths to cover His small body. They had no fancy gifts to give to this Baby. They could only kneel before Him in reverence and bow in the presence of the Majesty of Heaven. Later the rich Wise Men from far away would arrive and present their gifts to save the family from the wiles of the evil King Herod.

It is recorded in the Word that this baby, grown to manhood, worked His mission here in three years. Three years to accomplish the mission of showing that God does indeed care for His children here and provide a way of escape from the death that sin brings into every human’s life.

The light again is revealed when He, our Savior, rose from the grave. This victory shouted to the universe that there was conquest over death in this astounding event.

Now we are 2000 years from those events and the world is dark again, waiting for the dawn of new life and resurrection from this world of sin. This throwaway society needs to see the hope that only can come from this Light. Few will see it. Too busy doing things, too uncaring to stop and listen, too selfishly searching for greater rewards, is the plight of the human race as it propels towards eternity. Coming soon will be Heaven’s Light again when the King of the Universe comes back to this small dark planet, lighting up every corner. The only thing between now and then to illuminate this increasingly dense darkness are a small group of people who share the Light of Heaven with all they meet. It is their joy and hope that lights up the pathways they walk in the light here and now. Like moths, others are attracted to this light and see for themselves the difference between the darkness they have been accustomed to and the Light that comes for the heavenly glow of His followers.